Recent Before & After Photos

Smoke Damage to a Longwood home Kitchen

Leaving food on the stove and walking away is a very common cause for fire damages in most kitchens. People walk away and forget its on the stove, and before yo... READ MORE

Storm Damage at an Orlando Funeral Home

At this local funeral home there was extensive damage to the roof during hurricane Irma. The damaged room allowed water to infiltrate the inside were it satura... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Kitchen in an Altamonte Springs Community.

In this Altamonte Springs home, the home owner forgot he was cooking something on the stove when it most unfortunately caught fire. The homeowner was luckily e... READ MORE

Growth Behind The Water Heater of a Longwood Home

For this insured, mold was lurking in a rarely used closet. Once they discovered the growth they gave us a call to start the remediation process. We were able ... READ MORE

Mold From a Roof Leak

At times mold can be lurking in areas that cannot be seen. This home owner in Altamonte Springs Floirda, had a roof leak for several weeks before they had any ... READ MORE

Smoke Damage to Hardwood Floors in an Altamonte Springs home

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating to everything in your home from your all contents to your structure itself. Luckily there are procedures that can be do... READ MORE

Fallen Tree From Hurricane

During a hurricane in Longwood Florida, a tree fell onto the house of one of our clients. Due to the lack of power for several days, and having to wait for tree... READ MORE

Sewage Damage During a Hurricane

Sometimes when mother nature strikes with a hurricane, flooding is not the only thing that you need to worry about. Unfortunately for this client with rising w... READ MORE

Inject-A-Dry Drying System

Sometimes when you have a water loss in your home or business it is necessary for the use of specialty equipment. In this case we used an inject-a-dry unit whi... READ MORE

Commercial Glue Down Carpet

Captured above is an example of how much water commercial glue down carpet can hold. You can see how the water easily pools on top of the carpet once it has be... READ MORE